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Last March, this Kickstarter project reached its goal of collecting 1 Canadian dollar to create a free app that suggests things to do based on current weather conditions. Another project collected an average of almost $2 from 26 backers to create an app that warns you for upcoming headaches. Around the same time, it took the Tiko 3D project 31 days to collect $3M from thousands of backers, while another 3D printer project managed to get an average pledge of close to $2,000 per backer. These two projects are among a total of 11 (multi-) million $ tech projects this year alone on Kickstarter.

Whether they're fun side-projects or potential million-dollar businesses, what over 2,000 ideas have had in common is that they became successfully funded projects on Kickstarter. The diversity of tech projects is high (from Hardware to Software, from Gadgets to Space Exploration) and there is no shortage of money being pledged. In 2014 this tech marketplace generated over $100M in pledges. So far in 2015, 900 tech projects from 30 countries pulled together $75M from over half a million backers, which sets up this year to overshadow last year on all counts.

For this ongoing Silk endeavor we collect data on all technology projects on Kickstarter that have been successfully funded since 2014. This database holds key stats on the individual projects as well as cumulative totals and averages per month and per country or per US state of project origin. 

With quarterly updates we offer a continuous and up-to-date analysis of the crowdfunding tech environment on Kickstarter: What technology fields get the most traction? Where do initiators of successful projects come from? What does the average backer pledge to technology projects and how fast does the average tech project reach its goal? And how do all these indicators change over time? 

Find out by reviewing our charts or creating your own customized visualisations by going into Explore mode.

* This database contains data referring to the period January 2014 - August 2015 *

Successful projects: number of projects by field

Projects provenance

Yes, the US based platform is predominantly populated with US based tech projects (71% overall). But split up the dataset by year and you can see projects from outside the US are becoming more prevalent: in 2014 non-US projects made up 26% of all projects, in 2015 so far they make up 33%.

With 94 projects since 2014, San Francisco is proving to be the most productive city, although zooming in on this year shows New York has had a higher output of projects so far. Of the top 20 cities, measured in amount of projects, 15 are US cities; the remaining 5 cities are London, Toronto, Paris, Amsterdam and Montreal.

Number of successful projects by country

Showing the percentage of all successful tech projects per country; does not reflect the amount of USD pledged

For more analysis have a look at our pages with:

Million Dollar Projects: an analysis of all successfully funded Kickstarter tech projects that received over $1M in pledges.

Country Totals: the figures for all successfully funded Kickstarter tech projects, compared by country of project origin.

US State Totals: the figures for all successfully funded Kickstarter tech projects, compared by US state of project origin.

Monthly Totals: the figures for all successfully funded Kickstarter tech projects, compared by month of successful funding.

Cities generating highest number of successful projects

Timeline of total and average pledges

Top 20 successful projects -- click any header to sort differently

Table is sorted by the highest amount pledged since 2014. Click any table header to sort on that particular value and see the corresponding top 20 projects. Use the filters to select projects from a specific month, country or technology field. For a complete table click Explore.

Top projects by amount of funding pledged (USD)

Most successful projects by percentage of funding goal reached

Fastest funded projects by funding days

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